Coffee Life

Coffee Life

Coffee life is a small game I developed for the game jam color jam 0 back in 2015, sadly like most of the small game jams over at gamejolt it didn’t get much popularity and my game was but 1 of 3 total entries.

The rules were as followed (Quoted from gamejolt):

Oh boy… rules…

As much as it sucks to have more restraints than colors, we must include these to protect the genuinity of the jam.

  1. You must make all of your assets within the 168 hours alotted to the jam. Nothing ahead of the jam with the exception of publicly availiable libraries, IDEs etc. It is strongly encouraged that you include the names of said tools and source code, but not required.
  2. You may publish a post-jam version of your game, but it must be clearly labelled as such, with the pre-post-jam still available.
  3. You may only use the colors provided, with the exception of black, grey, white, etc. period. Saturation and darkness are included in the palette. You should only need to burn borders in that cartoony MLP-y style.
  4. You may work with up to four other people, and each one must be credited within the entry’s page.
  5. Have fun. This is a legitimate rule. If you are caught breaking this rule, the jam-runners can do whatever they want with your entry.
  6. Title screens may have more colors than the palette. Branding is encouraged as a watermark.

With the given restricted colour palette I thought this could be a nice challenge and got to work straight away, spending the first 3-4 days of the jam working on the various assets alone. In the end I think I only spent 2 solid days working on the code probably explains the jaggedy nature of the mechanics. I can remember quite vividly all but one of the levels were actually created just 2 or so hours before the deadline, by which point it became a manic rush, I had this idea in my head that I needed at least 6-7 levels.

Lots of sacrifices were made, one of which I regret mostly was probably the level unlock mechanic, I wanted to try and drag the game out a bit by forcing the player to repeat the levels though I feel now this is a mistake.

The original jam entry is here

I have got a playable upgraded version of the game available in my demo reel!


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