Coffee Life

Coffee Life

#Introducing Coffee Life

This is my entry for #ColorJam0

All art and code was produced by myself during the jam period… Art was produced in using the colour palette provided.

Its probably worth noting the backing audio was taken from a free source I’m aware this may be against the jams rules but heres the link anyway:

8 bit Explorer Theme by ShwiggityShwag

The sound effects in the game i.e. the bounce sound and pickup sound where generated using Bfxr.

About The Game:

Experience the life of a Coffee Mug! But seriously this game has as much depth as is possible over a week period. I spent about 50% of the time just working on the assets, and having other commitments during the week I would say 90% was done at the weekend.

I pretty much ended up creating all the levels just a couple of hours before the deadline it was a crazy rush I had been focusing on getting the art and mechanics working and up until this point all I had was a test level. However by this point It was the only thing I was missing.

The game was built within a 7 day period as part of color jam 0 using a restricted colour palette of 81 colours – I really think I outdid myself on the art given the restrictions, I am no artist after all.

This build may include some assets and changes that were made after after the game jam that may not comply with the original jam rules. After the jam I continued to work on it a bit longer, I have tried to exclude most of theses changes with the build though to be consistent with the original version I provided for the jam, part from the changes listed below. However the core game play and mechanics and levels are mostly unchanged.


  • General bug fixes
  • new menu assets
  • new menu art
  • webgl support
  • new pickup sound
  • tweaked ending portal and positions in level



Programmer & Artist: Allan J Moore

Music Credits: